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Trancendental Monarch
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Love is not enough…

Who the fuck are you fucking now?
Bet he’s always taking you out
College-educated and proud
Me, well I’m just a drop out
Can’t really blame ya for bugging
Ain’t I the dirt on your rug
And just a place to wipe your shoes
And give me all your thrown away loving
Back to my buzzing and drugging
Back to my gutter with nothing
Back to the all of a sudden cracks
In the covenant trust in me
You ain’t gotta worry bout sharing this success with Wyane
Now it’s just petty change
But I still feel the pain

Rollin down 20 man
With this jack in my cup
Feeling down on my luck
And I’m doing 120 man
Maybe I’m giving up
Baby I’m giving up
Baby what is happening?
Don’t you believe in us?
Don’t you believe in us?
She said I know you gave me everything
But love is not enough
Love is not enough
Love is not enough

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